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Monday, May 30, 2011

User group leader meeting (Prague 2011)

Oracle has organized great event, where leaders of Java and Oracle user groups could meet, see each other, discuss how to cooperate in future and what support we can get from Oracle.
We (Ostrava JUG) are quite new user group which is just starting up. So we have got some experience already but not that much as other user groups or conference gurus. For example Stephan Janssen (organizing Devoxx), Antonio Goncalves (founder of JUG in France), Radoslaw Holewa (organizing GeeCON), Martijn Verburg (London JUG) and other successful leaders.
We have discussed many various things and here are some that impressed me most. Great idea is to use Twitter during conferences or user group sessions. You can use it for questions, feedback and promotion. 
Use during breakes (not during presentations, it can be difficult for speaker). It is a good practice to create special twitter account for conference and connect twitter with Facebook and LinkedIn.
We could also organize phone calls (something like 1 hour and 1 topic) - Oracle can provide conferencing enviroment (phone numbers...).
I really liked lightning talks we did during the meeting. I hope that we will do it also on our JUG.
Oracle announced lunch of Java SE 7 and it is scheduled for July 7th 2011. JUGs will receive funding, speakers and launch kit. That is just great!
I am full of ideas how to improve organizing of Ostrava JUG. Big thanks to all participants!