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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I just read great book named Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson (from 37signals company). There are quite strong ideas and it forced me to read it over and pick up ideas that impressed me most.
I would really appreciate discussion related to any item from this list. I personally do hope that I will come back to this list again and again in future :-)
  1. Ignore real word and sentences like "it would never work in reality" as reaction on fresh idea.
  2. Learning from mistakes is overrated.
  3. Planning is guessing. This is where we are going because, well, that is what we said we are going to.
  4. Growth is sometimes useless and not a good target, hire after strong reconsideration.
  5. Workaholic does work for work, not for done work.
  6. Enough with "entrepreneur", do what you love, be starter.
  7. To do great work you need to feel that you are making difference.
  8. The best and easiest way to make successful business or service is to make something you what to use.
  9. Start making something.
  10. No time is no excuse.
  11. As you get going, keep in mind why you are doing it and what you are doing.
  12. Strong stand is how to attract superfans. Stand for it and don't make stupid slogans.
  13. When making something, don't ask where are the money coming from, it is too early.
  14. Maybe you need less than it seems, it doesn't have to be right now.
  15. Startup sucks, get business going and money flowing.
  16. Exit strategy is for losers.
  17. You are small and agile producer, use it well. Don't try to be big just for sake of it.
  18. Less is good thing, constrains can make it better.
  19. It is better to have half of product than nothing.
  20. Start from epicenter (if I leave this, I am able to sell it still?).
  21. Ignore details early on. Start with details when it is required, after implementation starts.
  22. Decisions are progress. Switch from "let's think about it" to "let decide on it".
  23. Be curator, remove, simplify and streamline what is not needed.
  24. Reduce menu (as in great restaurants), do less, do it in great way.
  25. Focus on what won't change (user-friendly software... and so on).
  26. Tone is in your fingers.
  27. Sell your by-products (IBM their processes... and so on).
  28. Lunch it now, don't wait for 100% ready state, you can publish not finished versions.
  29. Too much of specification makes illusion of agreement.
  30. Reasons to quite: "Why are you doing it?", "What problem are you solving?", "Is this actually useful?", "Are you adding value?", "Is it going to change something?", "Is there an easier way?", "What could you be doing instead?", "Is it really worth it?".
  31. Interruption is enemy of productivity.
  32. Meeting are toxic: they are not real things, just words. Drift off-subject easier. Require preparation which is not done. Vague agendas. There is usually one who waste others time. one meeting leads to another. How to do it? Begin with clear agenda, set time frame, start with specific problem, invite less people as possible. End up with solution, setup responsibilities.
  33. Good enough is fine, don't complicate it. Quick wins.
  34. You can easily quit when you are small.
  35. Go to sleep.
  36. Your estimates suck.
  37. Long task lists don't get done.
  38. Take tiny decisions, big ones are hard to change and make.
  39. Don't copy other's ideas. They make rules, you can win. Make it in your way.
  40. If you think your competitors sucks, say it so. ;~)
  41. You don't have to make more then your competitors, do less and do it your way.
  42. Do what do you want to use, you need and know.
  43. Lear and get used to saying "no".
  44. Teach your customers.
  45. Ideas give you rush, write it down, gave it some time and thinking.
  46. Build an audience.
  47. Show a backstage, people will be interested.
  48. Publish on small web pages, The Times is not for you right now.
  49. Drug dealers got it right, give some for free, they will come back with money in hands.
  50. Marketing is in everything you do.
  51. Overnight sensation doesn't exists, hard work is needed.
  52. Hiring do it your self firs and hire when it hurts.
  53. Great people are everywhere.
  54. A lot of new people makes "cocktail party strangers" effect in your company.
  55. Everyone has to work, delegators are not the right option usually.
  56. Everyone should be able to manage him self, to act without company targets setting. Don't wait for somebody, get it done (as you get paid...).
  57. Speed changes everything, quick response from support makes "atmosphere of care".
  58. Culture is long term thing, it can't be build in while.
  59. Stupid words when dealing about new business: need, can't, easy, fast.
  60. Inspiration is perishable.