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Friday, January 10, 2014

Who is using Vaadin plugin for Grails

We are curious who is using the plugin for integration of Vaadin into a Grails application. We could get little info based on 'likes' displayed on, but that is not reliable.
Then we have made page, to provide basic info about the plugin and give a few link to continue with. This page gives us better overview who is interested in the plugin. Drahomir Mach did the editorial work, many thanks for that.
The number of visitors has increased in 2013 probably due to 'Grails integration' chapter that we have included in Vaadin 7 Cookbook.

These people has helped with the plugin and they deserve our thanks. These guys helped with improvements and keeping the plugin updated: Antonio CaiazzoOkram1Christoph Frick and Clemens Schneider. Plus other guys who asked question on stackoverflow, the plugin was improved just because of questions.

Finally, a call for "action" :) 
If you are using the plugin, we would be happy if you let us know what you are building or what you would like to improve in the plugin? 

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