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Monday, June 3, 2013

Vaadin 7 and Grails: How to compile widget set

I have promised to publish a tutorial showing how to compile the widget set inside Grails project with Vaadin 7. Here you are.

  1. Create a new widget set definition file AppWidgetSet.gwt.xml in the grails-app/vaadin directory.
  2. Open VaadinConfig.groovy that is inside the grails-app/conf folder and add there a note about the new widgetset file.
    widgetset = "app.AppWidgetSet"
  3. Create a folder libs-widgetset (for example inside the project root folder) for libraries that are needed during the widget set compilation. Download all-in-one archive of Vaadin 7 from and move all the .jar files from the archive into libs-widgetset folder. Do not forgot to move also .jar files from lib folder from the archive.
  4. Create build.xml file with the following content.
  5. Open the console inside the project root and run the ant command. The widget set compilation will start. Before you run the ant command, remove all the content of vaadin-grails-addon/web-app/VAADIN folder. 
This is a short version of tutorial "Adding Vaadin Add-on into Grails project" taken from the Vaadin 7 Cookbook.
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  1. Excellent article. I bought the book, needed to implement projects with Vaadin and Grails.

  2. Hi, I tried this for Contextmenu as per Vaadin 7 Cookbook. The twist is I'm also using Vaadin on Grails (with the book also). Did compile the widgetset and it works, but without its theme. So what I get is a context menu, with labels only, no theme. Any ideas on this?