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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vaadin 7 Cookbook

Few things I would like to share about Vaadin 7 Cookbook.
We started writing the book since Vaadin 7 alfa versions - which was hard because we needed to made a lot of changes before releasing the book. But, it gave us a lot of knowledge about Vaadin 7 and we could put it into that book. And that makes the book amazing for those who are starting with Vaadin 7. 
One of the first feedback, was "If I would be a beginner with Vaadin, this is the kind of book I’d like to study - a lot of examples that do a single thing, and everything regarding to that one thing is well explained. ... that’s how I learn new things, not by reading theoretical ramblings regarding things and stuff." - vaadin blog 
Luckily, I could participate a project where we used Vaadin 7 with Grails, which was amazing experience. Many notes are included in the book. 
Jaroslav Holan accepted my offer to be co-author, thanks to him the book is more rich for recipes that I would hardly include. Thank you for that, Jaroslav
Looking forward to hear you reflections.