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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grails and Vaadin 6 - few changes in the plugin

There are few changes in the plugin. You can find the changed Vaadin plugin under this version number 1.5.5
  • No configuration needed after the plugin installation. 
Previously we had to add a new class that extends Vaadin application, add a reference to VaadinConfig about that class and finally remove content of UrlMapping. This all is automated now. We just create Grails project install the Vaadin plugin and run the application.
  • Versions updated.

Grails updated to 2.2.0 and Vaadin to 6.8.4. 
Follow these steps in case you want to try it out. 
  1. First set Grails console
  2. Create new Grails project and try to run it (so we can verify successful creation of the project + dependencies are downloaded).
    grails create-app bookstore
    cd bookstrore
    grails run-app
  3. Download and install the plugin
    grails install-plugin /path/to/plugin/
  4. Run the application
    grails run-app


  1. Hi, i'm trying to install the plugin and i see a version in grails official plugin site, look inside the plugin and found documentation and a very diferent funtionality (using vaadin has tags in GSP pages, add grails command,etc) so, is a currently working on version or was discarted.

  2. Hi, 1.5.5 version has not been released yet. I will try to do it immediately.

    Btw, that snapshot version shouldn't be used (at least that is what I think).

  3. Meanwhile, you can download 1.5.5 from Github and install it manually (as mentioned above in the post).

  4. The new version is there. Refresh the plugin list and you can upgrade 1.5.5 version.

  5. thanks, that was fast, but my cuestion remain. Are you working on version or was discarted the idea ?

  6. is a working/in-progress version done by Francis: It is question what version people want to use that version.

    I am a bit more fan of pure Vaadin approach. Francis likes Grails approach of integrating Vaadin to Grails.

    In more details:
    - is simple plugin and there is little space for possible defects or issues connected with version updates, we use it for building "pure" Vaadin apps
    - I have used this version also in production
    - it required not that much work to update it to Vaadin 7
    - is more complex and we can use it for building Vaadin apps in Grails way
    - I think it still needs a lot of testing before it can be used in production
    - I am not sure if this can be easily rewritten to support Vaadin 7
    - there are obviously good reasons why to continue in this branch

    I think it is possible that next version will be 1.6.x. So, I will ask Francis to comment on this. :-)

  7. Hi all,

    Yes, I'm still keen on pursuing To my mind, the Vaadin plugin is superb (all credit to Ondrej) but the one thing it's missing is a scaffolding feature. This was how I originally got involved - I offered to add scaffolding to the plugin.

    As I wrote the code, I found that I was creating HTML layout code in separate .html files, and pulling them into my Vaadin UI using com.vaadin.ui.CustomLayout. But it felt a little cumbersome, and I missed the ease of .GSP development.

    Hence in the 1.6.x line, I created support for accessing Vaadin components in GSPs using tags. Using this, I developed full CRUD scaffolding scripts for Vaadin.

    I would welcome anyone else having a stab at creating an alternative CRUD scaffolding implementation! In the meantime, I'll continue to work on 1.6.x. The final most important piece to put in place is the ability to automatically expose all of your app's Vaadin classes as GSP tags - without having to write any taglib code. For me, that's when this GSP-approach will really have realised its potential.