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Friday, December 23, 2011

Vaadin 7

New version (Vaadin 7 alpha 1) of Vaadin has been released! If you are not aware of Vaadin roadmap, here you are:

What has been changed so far?

  • Redesign of the window and application APIs
    • Multiple browser tabs (and windows) are supported by default
    • Faster startup
    • Customized UI starting from the first request
  • Redesign of forms and data binding (dev info)
    • Form is deprecated
    • CustomField, converters, validators  and typed properties using Java generics added

Vaadin is great framework with great documentation. So here is the little tutorial about new features: 

If you feel like you might want to comment on these changes, visit these links:

TextLab for Mac
Ultimate application to validate, clean and format JSON, XML, SQL, HTML.