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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Agile or Fixgile?!

Have you ever heard about Fixgile [fixdʒaɪl]? No?!?! Don't worry, me either. Actually nobody could... because we came up with this name during creation of an offer for a customer who is not yet ready for agile.

When you are running in Fixgile?
You have experience with agile approach and you are not capable to accept fixed price/waterfall models.
You insert many items from the agile approach into the fixed price offer (but some the key ones are replaced by fixed stuff).
You want to use agile approach in your project but your customer is not ready for it and therefore not accepting it. 
How Fixgile looks like?
Specification (both system/functional and technical) is created beforehand. 
Testing is running together with development. 
Project is running in iterations (getting feedback by customer, doing demo presentations...) 
Test cases are created at the beginning of development. 
You divide all the required scope into the small pieces - so you create contract for each small part (way to mitigate big commitment at the begging). 
Customer is pushing you to estimate more work and commit your team for bigger scope (sometimes you are lucky, sometimes not).  
Is Fixgile good?
Sure! We all (suppliers & customers) are learning all the time and it is necessary to gain experience and knowledge somewhere. I believe it is the first step towards the agile approach and more happy customers and suppliers.